Henry Feldman, MD

Harvard Catalyst Profile

Henry Feldman, MD is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

He currently holds dual appointments in the Division of General Internal Medicine in the section of Hospital Medicine and in the Division of Clinical Informatics. He works as a hospitalist at BIDMC on the teaching and non-teaching medical services.

He also is the Chief Information Architect for the Division of Clinical Informatics, and runs the division’s software development team. He has designed several clinical systems, including the KBHR Electronic Health Record, the ChartReview chart auditing system, Physician Licensing among others.

Until the end of 2016, he also practiced as a nocturnist at the West Roxbury Veterans Administration medical center. His current clinical effort is 27% FTE at BIDMC. He has current primary grant funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), a research contract from the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Ministry of Health.


He received his undergraduate degree from Northeastern University in Boston in 1990, then returned to Medical School graduating from NYU School of Medicine in 2001. He completed an Internal Medicine Residency at NYU Medical Center/Bellevue, followed by a year as a Chief Medical Resident at NYU. He also did a 2 year research fellowship in Medical Informatics at NYU. Clinically during his fellowship he was a medical attending in the outpatient clinic at the NY VA Medical Center as well as a ward attending at Bellevue Hospital and the NY VA Medical Center.


His research consists of multiple informatics related areas, such as development of novel clinical information systems as well as in the design of computerized medical devices, and in innovative medical simulation systems. He works in both development of clinical systems and in the area of designing and building clinical simulation devices using novel additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques, as well as adding high-performance computing and learning system design into these simulation systems.

A current area of research, spearheaded by Dr. Feldman, in concert with division faculty with clinical expertise in interventional radiology, vascular surgery and clinical simulation, is making highly-accurate clinical simulations of vascular access and other high-fidelity simulation devices through use of advanced imaging and advanced additive manufacturing.

He does extensive research in medical 3D printing (both FDM and SLA), medical robotics and materials. In addition he is core faculty on a course in the department of surgery to teach these techniques to surgical staff. He has experience with CNC milling, laser cutting in addition to 3D printing. He also combines his informatics experience into these devices through use of SBC (small board computers) and micro controllers embedded into these devices.

Work Experience

Prior to becoming a physician he was in the computer industry for almost 10 years, serving with such companies as Microsoft, 2 subsidiaries of Allen-Bradley, The Boston Consulting Group, among others. For the 2 years prior to coming to Harvard, he served in the section of Medical Informatics at NYU School of Medicine, and created the web based virtual patient modules as part of the CDC Psychosocial Aspects of Bioterrorism grant as well as computerizing outpatient clinic scheduling.

He currently also runs the combined physician/nursing education team on BIDMC’s east campus and has started the pet-therapy program there as well.