Some nostalgic reflections on computer-assisted instruction.

TitleSome nostalgic reflections on computer-assisted instruction.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsSlack CW, Porter D, Slack WV
EditorDeLand EC
Book TitleInformation Technology in Health Science Education
PublisherSpringer US
CityBoston, MA
ISBN Number978-1-4684-2460-7

There is no question that what Norbert Wiener called the ``cybernetic revolution'' has begun to hit full stride. The computer is now used routinely in many organizations to perform tasks that are difficult and time consuming for its human inventors, and automated data-processing is having an impact on our thought processes analogous to the impact of industrial power tools on our work habits. Although computers have not created unemployment, as many people once feared, there are lingering concerns that humanity will be depersonalized by dependence upon machines.

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