From his time at the University of Wisconsin creating student health interviews, to his work at Beth Israel and Harvard Medical School innovating the way patients interact with their doctors, Warner has touched the lives of thousands of people. Below you can read the hundreds of comments that people have already left for Warner or view the archived news stories about Warner with the button above. And if you haven't already, we invite you to leave your memories of Warner.


He will be missed!

He was a true transformer.

He'll leave many fond memories and a great legacy.


Warner was an inspiring mentor and colleague who will be truly missed. Sending my best wishes to his friends and family. -Jon

So sad. He was a great friend and a great man.

Sadly, Warner has passed us his torch. Somehow we must carry it. My favorite Warner effort involved him, a Harvard professor, 'walking the walk' by taking the College Board Exams - back in the day, Ca 1980.  (How many of us would do that, or something equivalent, today?)  As I remember, he took exception to one of the vocabulary questions involving the word 'vespers'. The larger conclusions are here ...,-is...

There are few people whom we can say were true pioneers, who established a path or a field of endeavor, blazing a trail that many, many thousands of us have followed. Warner was truly one, and while being sad at his passing, we must honor him and celebrate his life and legacy. Warner was both a giant and a gentle soul, and I will miss him greatly. ‒ Bill

No one could have said it better! Thank you!  Marion

Thank you for sharing this sad news, Charlie. What a loss for us all. My sincere condolences to you, his family and all who knew and loved him. Peter

A truly gracious gentleman, always looking out for others. I will miss him greatly. Peace to his family, he was greatly loved.


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