From his time at the University of Wisconsin creating student health interviews, to his work at Beth Israel and Harvard Medical School innovating the way patients interact with their doctors, Warner has touched the lives of thousands of people. Below you can read the hundreds of comments that people have already left for Warner or view the archived news stories about Warner with the button above. And if you haven't already, we invite you to leave your memories of Warner.


Sad news. Leaves a great gap but his legacy continues, even down under. Condolences to Mrs Slack and family. Teng

I can only add to the many glowing tributes to Warner both as an Informatician, a colleague, and a friend. His warm hearted spirit and wisdom have been a joy to us all. I have known Warner since the mid-1960s, when Jerry Grossman and I visited him at the U of Wisconsin, where he proudly showed us his Linc computer patient history program. I have followed all his pioneering achievements in engaging patients in their care since then. He will clearly be missed, but it must have been gratifying to him to see the surge in patient-centered and behaviorally focused activities in our community that he foresaw the need for in the earliest days.

Warner was a pioneer in our field but also a person of integrity. He helped those who sought his help.
 He and Caroline and Mary and I were friends at P&S before he wandered West.

The LINC got to Wisconsin because NIH provided it and also training for the WU physiologist who brought it West. He too was a grand person who welcomed Warner and others to the world of small computers near real patients (or cats too if you studied them). 

I can easily believe Warner in departing felt proud of his accomplishments - as well as those of the whole field he created.
 Don Lindberg

I remember Warner being annoyed with some paper we had written in the late 80s or early 90s (I don't remember why now), and I was about to meet him in person and had my misgivings. What a warm reception I got from him, and what a warn reception I got every year I saw him at AMIA or elsewhere. He ended up certainly being one of my mentors on different levels. All these years, when I have thought of Warner, I just feel good, and I will continue to do so. A good soul. George

He was a lovely man, will be missed.

Charlie, I’m sorry for your (and the field’s) loss. He was a great man and scientist. 


On behalf of the Brazilian Health Informatics Association we'd like to express our sentiments to the family of Dr. Warner Slack. The international health informatics community will certainly miss him!! May he rest in peace.

A wonderful man who helped me, and so many others, to get started in the informatics world. He lives on through many technical advances and personal inspirations.

A wise and wonderful man, who will live on through those he inspired.

I have fond memories of a letter Warner wrote to me after a talk I gave to Charlie's group.
A generosity of spirit among other greatness. A life well lived.

Sincere condolences to his family.



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