From his time at the University of Wisconsin creating student health interviews, to his work at Beth Israel and Harvard Medical School innovating the way patients interact with their doctors, Warner has touched the lives of thousands of people. Below you can read the hundreds of comments that people have already left for Warner or view the archived news stories about Warner with the button above. And if you haven't already, we invite you to leave your memories of Warner.


Dear Warner, I want to wish you the very best. I pray for you everyday in hopes that my prayers will do some good. I send my very best to your lovely wife Carolyn and I want you to know that I hope for the best with respect to you everyday. Best regards, Larry

Hi Warner, First let me wish you a Happy (somewhat belated) Birthday. And let me thank you one more time for saving my life. You were the one who caught me when I was falling after passing out, thus preventing me from hitting my head on the floor. I am forever grateful. My thoughts are with you and Carolyn at this time. I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten to know you better. Looking forward to that opportunity. Best, Marilyn

So that’s why I haven’t seen you around the “campus”. I wish you a speedy (well, timely) recovery mode. - Rudy Kass

Warner, you are such a gentle, dignified, warm human being who has made me feel welcome every time we've passed.We all love you and send the warmest, good wishes. Judy Goldner

All our love, of course, to the incomparable Warner.

We know there is such a thing called a belated Birthday card/message. We'd like to include this with love everyday to you and Carolyn.

Although I have only known you a short time, I think about you and Caroline every day when I go into 80 C. Positive wishes are with me all of these times . You have always been so welcoming, supportive and friendly. Reading many of the good wishes on this blog, I only wish that I had known you sooner. Fondly, Louise Freedman

Warner I will always think of you as the anti traditional traditionalist.You epitomize the traditional values of family, justice, loyalty...and yet you easily saw through the hypocracy in academia and educational testing. Our friendship over the last 50 years has been one of the truly bright spots in my life. I know we will see each other again.

Dear,dear Warner, I think of you daily and rejoice with any sign of improvement which we pass on to each other . I'm happy that you now are able to stay in your own room with your family. How great it would be to have you back soon. Carolyn is swamped with endearment from all of us. With love, Elena

Warner, you are our very dear and valued next-door neighbor, and we miss you mightily. We have been warmed by your bright smile and welcoming greeting almost every day since we moved to Lasell Village. You are also our favorite Renaissance man. Physician, techie, film buff and repository of vast general knowledge, there's no one like you. Big hugs, David and Erica


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