From his time at the University of Wisconsin creating student health interviews, to his work at Beth Israel and Harvard Medical School innovating the way patients interact with their doctors, Warner has touched the lives of thousands of people. Below you can read the hundreds of comments that people have already left for Warner or view the archived news stories about Warner with the button above. And if you haven't already, we invite you to leave your memories of Warner.


Hello Warner: Great idea to provide this type of communication! I think of you often and miss your presence here. I wish the best for you and your family. I do hope to see back here - certainly sooner than the start of the rabbi's class in August Herman

Hi Warner, Happy Birthday and all possible good wishes! You and Carolyn were among the first welcomers when I moved in last fall and among my first friends. I’d hoped to see you before leaving for the summer, sent and continue to send all my best to both of you and your kids (I did meet your daughter) Liz

Hi. Warner, Thinking of you and wishing you improved health and a gradual return to your usual functioning. I miss not seeing you around and not having the opportunity to chat. So, get well soon Warmly, Alan

In our last note we meant 'esteem'not 'estimate.' Please don't grade us on vocabulary.

Dear Warner, Alice and i hope you are having a reasonably enjoyable birthday. We miss you. Although we have known you only a short time, we immediately came to like and estimate you very much. We both think you are one of the most decent and humane people we have ever met. We hope we can be friends yet awhile. P&A

Hello Warner, You need to know that knowing you has been one of the great pleasures of living here at Lasell Village. Your positive outlook on all kinds of things, your broad range of interests, including folk songs (remember the tribute to Pete Seeger), your and Caroline's kindnesses to so many residents, have all contributed so much to all of us. I think of you often and miss you. Cynthia Dember

Darling Warner, Please have as good a birthday as you can, under the circumstances. We all miss you! Love to you and Carolyn, Sarah

Dear Warner, I hear today is your birthday and though it may not be the best one you ever had, I hope you will find some joy in the many thoughts and wishes that come your way from Lasell Village, including my most heartfelt wishes for your recovery. You and Carolyn are kind and hospitable and it was always fun to sit with you in the Cafe and tell stories and sing silly songs. I hope to hear the next instalment of 'Thais of Alexandria' one of these days. All the best from your friend, Barbara

Dear Warner, I have been thinking of you and Carolyn with much love today...since Carolyn mentioned your birthday. I am sure you are surrounded with love, which I hope gives you strength in this crisis. You and Carolyn are such special, caring wonderful human beings.....I appreciate knowing you. I hope the love that fills this day brings you joy!!! All the best, rosalie whitehill

Hi Warner, Hi Warner, Thinking of you & hope you're improving AND Happy Birthday !#!! Warmly, Alan


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