From his time at the University of Wisconsin creating student health interviews, to his work at Beth Israel and Harvard Medical School innovating the way patients interact with their doctors, Warner has touched the lives of thousands of people. Below you can read the hundreds of comments that people have already left for Warner or view the archived news stories about Warner with the button above. And if you haven't already, we invite you to leave your memories of Warner.


Birthday Greetings! we are missing your smile and warm concern here at the Village.

Hi Warner, Well, after reading all the messages from your many colleagues and friends, I see that you are as close to a rock star as one can get! I have said it all in the poem I wrote to you earlier on and can only repeat those words again. fondly, Ruth

Dear Warner, we have been thinking and talking, most lovingly, about you for many days now. We wish we could give you the gift of health but are powerless. Please accept our love and deep appreciation

Dear Warner, When you entered the Lasell College and Village family, you added class, intellectual weight, and ultra generous support to our community, its members and to me. Thinking of you and Carolyn often, and wishing you a birthday of peace and comfort. Love, Michael

Jackie and I hope you are doing better, particularly since you are a birthday 'boy'. We are praying for your return to good health.

Warner, from our very first introduction more than 22 years ago I was in awe of the gentleman you are. Always kind, supportive and a willing teacher and mentor. As the very first nurse in your clinical informatics fellowship program you welcomed me with open arms had a profound influence on my career. Along with so many things, you taught me about patient empowerment in the world of clinical computing long before it became a buzz word. I am sorry to hear of your illness and the challenge you are facing. I wish you health and nothing but the best because truly that is what you deserve. warmest regards, Denise

Warner and I are overwhelmed with the Wonderful messages from all of you. Reading them to him has been a joyous part of each day. Warner has loved his time with each of you and thanks you Deeply for being such a special part of his life. Warm wishes to all of you and much gratitude from me, Warner’s wife of 62 amazing years. Carolyn

Dear Warner, If your birthday cake on June 10th has a candle for every friend and colleague who has come under your spell of kindness and generosity, then there will be a three alarm fire! We want you and your beloved hospital to remain standing; so instead of creating a blaze, may you light one candle, gaze into its flame, and imagine that you are surrounded by the love and laughter of the friends whose thoughts are represented here, and the thousands more whose lives you have touched and positively changed. At Lasell Village, where education is at our heart, you have been a quiet teacher: you have taught me so much about what it means to be a leader. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your life lessons through your everyday actions, intellect, and dazzling smiles and hugs. You and Carolyn create goodness wherever you go. I am deeply grateful. With affection and birthday wishes, Anne

Dear Warner, I will always treasure our lunches in the old cafeteria when the BI was much smaller and we tried to tackle Nixon and his ilk. Your wisdom, warmth and good humor are irreplaceable. Mark

Dear Warner, It's been an honor to have had the opportunity to work with you and to be mentored by you. Lessons I have learned from you on patient empowerment, and the need for computer/ technology to be helpful for patients and clinicians alike are principles I will carry with me throughout my professional career. Your kindness, open mindedness, and willingness of help everyone are values that I try to inculcate in me everyday. You are a great inspiration both for my personal and professional life, and want to thank you for being my mentor. With lots of love and warm regards, Adarsha


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